IFRY: the evolution of frying

IFRY: the evolution of frying

A combination of technology and experience, practical solutions and user-friendly products.

The transformation of the restaurant trade, the introduction of chains and the quest to find ways of specializing menus and products have driven us to seek more specific products capable of displaying higher performances with a view to achieving the required cooking results.

This is the reasoning behind the launch of IFRY, the Mareno fryer designed to standardize the cooking processes, boost productivity and improve quality.

It is equipped with innovative software that enables easy communication with the operator, and the automation of a number of operations, so facilitating their replication.

The IFRY models have a highly communicative 7-inch electronic Touchscreen display with a graphic interface that allows the operator to:

In addition to managing the cooking times and temperatures, the software also enables the operator to monitor the rise cycle of the oil temperature, determining the quality of the fried food.

The new IFRY fryers boost productivity thanks to their high powers (gas version 22kW - electric version 25kW).

8 models (4 gas and 4 electric) are available in different versions:

The models fitted with mechanical lifts enable the two baskets to be lifted when the set cooking time has been reached. Once the cooking has finished, there is no risk that the product will continue to cook, so compromising the end result.

Depending on the type of food and the quantity introduced, the software automatically regulates the cooking time.

In the models with oil filters, the software enables the oil in the tank to be filtered at 185°C in just 5 minutes (and therefore also during service). In the filling and emptying phases, thanks to an accessory loading/unloading kit, the oil can be sucked out of the container in which it was purchased and transferred to the tank with no effort required on the part of the operator; and, vice versa, once used, the oil can be transferred to a waste disposal tank, with no risk of spilling it on the floor.

This then leads to a higher quality of fried food, extends the time for which the oil can be used and generates a significant economic saving.

Finally, the washing program enables the cooking tank of the fryer to be cleaned more easily and rapidly.

Discover the models: https://bit.ly/31BplWa


IFRY: the evolution of frying
IFRY: the evolution of frying
IFRY: the evolution of frying
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